Welcome to our support page. Here you will find manuals, data sheets and brochures to download as well as our FAQ and the creation of support tickets.

Manuals – Data sheets – Brochures

ZBOX - Full 3D Solution270 KBPDF
ZBOX 27" Landscape/Portrait data sheet785 KBPDF
ZBOX 55" Landscape data sheet658 KBPDF
ZBOX 55" Portrait data sheet606 KBPDF
ZBOX 65" Landscape data sheet671 KBPDF
ZBOX 65" Portrait data sheet619 KBPDF
ZBOX 85" Portrait data sheet615 KBPDF
ZBOX 65" Stele data sheet590 KBPDF
ZBOX 85" Stele data sheet532 KBPDF
ZVIEW 65" Display data sheet570 KBPDF
ZVIEW 28" Display data sheet350 KBPDF
ZVIEW 3D Application Compatibility List103 KBPDF
CrystalScreen T-OLED - Brochure211 KBPDF
CrystalScreen T-OLED - Manual3.0 MBPDF
CrystalScreen T-OLED - Content Dev Guide1.0 MBPDF
CrystalScreen T-OLED - CAD Files41.4 MBZIP


An exhaustive list of directly compatible data would go beyond the scope at this point. Until now, there was no 3D data format that we could not read and use in one way or another ( see converter ). Just contact us and we will look together how we can visualize your data. Nevertheless, we would like to list a selection of common data formats that we can process directly:

Wavefront (*.obj)

3D Studio Mesh (*.3ds)

AUTODESK (*.fbx)
3dsMax (*.max)
StereoLitho (*.stl)
STEP (*.stp *.step)
Catia V5 (*.catpart, *.catproduct *.cgr)
AutoCAD (*.dwg)
Collada (*.dae)
VRML (*.wrl *.wrz)
CountryXML (*.dem *.ddf)
IGES (*.ige *.igs *.iges)
Inventor (*.ipt *.iam)
Revit (*.rvt)
SketchUp (*.skp)
SolidWorks (*.sldprt *.sldasm)
DICOM data records

Stereoscopic videos or images cannot be used with the ZBOX. If you have existing stereoscopic material, please use our ZVIEW system.

Use cases and products or objects that are unsuitable for the ZBOX can definitely be displayed on the ZVIEW system.

The viewing angle is approx. 120°, but can vary slightly depending on the display size.

ZBOX contents can also be played on the ZVIEW after a simple format conversion. ZVIEW content contains only 2 views (L/R) and therefore cannot be displayed on the ZBOX systems.
CrystalScreen content is monoscopic and cannot be displayed on our 3D systems.


Submit a support ticket if you need help with any of our systems.