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Software makes the difference

Glasses-free 3D display systems require specialized software to display 3D content. Depending on the type of content – pre-rendered videos or real-time 3D application – and 3D format, different programs are required.



ioPlayer 2.0
ZBOX 3D-Media Player

The ioPlayer is the versatile video playback system for the ZBOX. With the player you can play the classic 9-view videos and pictures on the different ZBOX displays. The features of the player include specific 3D settings, playlist control, autostart function, live input and commandline functionality.

Stereoscopic Player
ZVIEW 3D-Media Player

Stereoscopic Player is THE video player for stereoscopic videos and images of all kinds. The player can play all major stereo input formats. The player features include specific 3D settings, playlists, folder playback, autostart, as well as live input and commandline functionality.
You can either create 3D videos and renderings for display on ZBOX or ZVIEW yourself using the tools in the TEMPLATE section, or you can contract us to create the content.


Unity Creator Logo weiß


ZBOX/ZVIEW 3D Camera Plugin for Unity
Screenshot der Software-Oberfläche von unity pro mit Demo-Szene und dem 3D-Kamera-Plugin "unity CREATOR" von United Screens

Interactive applications from A-Z for all needs. Unity CREATOR brings your projects and models to life with breathtaking glasses-free 3D experiences on ZVIEW and ZBOX. Benefit from the power of the unity real time engine and display your existing 3D data as it is: spatially! Use OBJ or FBX for the import to unity. Alternatively the plugin Pixyz is recommended for the import of all common CAD formats. With just a few clicks you can process complex models in unity and bundle them for interactive display on ZVIEW or ZBOX.

To display finished Unity CREATOR applications, you only need a Unity DISPLAY license.

a green blue capital letter M made of triangles and gradients


ZBOX/ZVIEW 3D Model Viewer
Screenshot der Software-Oberfläche des 3D Model Viewers von United Screens mit JAVA Gold Artefakt
Play Video

Our Unity-based ModelViewer is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for viewing 3D model sets in high quality.
Prepare your models in Unity yourself and export them as Unity assets for use in ModelViewer. Or send us your 3D datasets and we will prepare them for you. In the viewer you have the possibility to use your own backgrounds as well as your logo.

Display multiple models
categorizable in 4 sets
Rotation / Translation / Scaling
Animation & Auto Rotation
Axis constraint
Space Mouse & Mouse/Keyboard


3D Kamera Templates

Scenes with ready-made 3D camera rigs
User Interface Ansichten von 3D Animationsprogrammen Cinema4D, Blender, 3dsMax und Unity 3D, welche Stereo-Kamera Rigs zeigen.

With our 3D camera template scenes for the most common 3D animation programs like Autodesk® 3dsMax, Maya, Maxon® Cinema4D or Blender you can create immersive 3D animations for ZBOX and ZVIEW in no time at all without having to deal with the necessary details for correct camera settings. Please contact us for sending you the templates.

Programs & Presets

ZVIEW compatible programs

Overview Stereo Rendering Plugins and Link Software

3D programs from various fields can create stereoscopic images compatible with ZVIEW by using appropriate plug-in render engines or stand-alone rendering software. In addition, some programs can already render natively, i.e. without extension, in stereo or can even display the viewport stereoscopically. Some programs are also capable of interactive display in real time, others are able to present your 3D data stereoscopically using our software ZLINK.
Here you find the overview: