Transparent OLED Touch Display
as Plug&Play Media-Stele

Inspire your customers with a special appearance!

Trade fair, customer event, product presentation, opening ceremony, company event, mobile advertising network?
Transport your message in such a way that it not only reaches your target group, but also makes a lasting impression!

Modern, futuristic, innovative and technically competent, the Crystal Screen can be used to present sophisticated content and products. Whether videos, slideshows or augmented reality – blur the boundaries between reality and interactive content. This is particularly suitable for attention-grabbing exhibits at trade fairs, in museums or retail displays on sales floors. The self-illuminating OLED display does not require a backlight and enables a transparent display that is otherwise only known from science fiction films. The image reproduction quality, in particular the outstanding colour brilliance, are the strengths of this technology. CrystalScreen enables the impressive display of your content in transparent full HD. A real eye-catcher!

The system developed in our company comes as a complete Plug&Play solution and requires no integration effort into the existing environment. As a stand-alone device, the transparent OLED column has all the necessary means for interactive presentations or independent playback of content. The filigree design of the column integrates a fully-fledged and powerful Windows PC. The multitouch user interface animates the user to use and explore the content and thus ties the user to the screen. Adapting content for the Crystal Screen is easy. Videos, interactive applications, websites or slideshows get the attention you want at your trade fair, event or exhibition.

More attention

due to transparency and futuristic design.

CrystalScreen Features

transparent display
Plug&Play System
Interaction via Touch
Full HD
wide viewing angle
Windows 10
WLAN, Bluetooth
Powerful graphics
interactive applications
vibrant colours


User Manual

CAD Data

Content Creation


thanks to Multitouch

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Flight case

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our systems are insured during transport and installation



we create content according to your wishes



if required, we install your application or content on the systems



we test your content for transparency and give you feedback



we provide support by phone or via remote access

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Use your existing content. Adjusting to make maximum use of the transparency effect on the Crystal Screen is a breeze: black image areas are displayed transparently – that’s the whole secret.