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CrystalScreen: Excitingly staged - instead of soberly presented.

Unforgettable brand experience: The CrystalScreen is a highlight for every presentation.

The transparent design arouses curiosity and the touchscreen interface invites intuitive interaction with the content shown. An exciting storytelling around your brand and product begins. This is how you increase the attention of your customers. Guaranteed.

Discover the features of the

The CrystalScreen is more than just a transparent OLED display – it is a magical combination of high-tech and design. The all-in-one solution offers everything for your radiant appearance.

Versatile use

Whether on your trade show booth, as an eye-catcher at an event, digital signage or as a promotion in your store – the complete system is easy to place and offers numerous possibilities for creative interactions with your target audience. Get the most out of your customer journey.

Here's what the brand experience looks like

One system, but countless possibilities to present your story, your brand and your products in a creative way and at the same time to set an icebreaker. Make your product digitally explorable, show relevant details or present complex processes in an exciting way. You won’t get bored, because the combination of content and interaction is fun. Here you can see a small selection of CrystalScreen content we have produced. Please use the arrows at the bottom of the totem to see more videos.

Just take off.

Technology moves into the background, content into the foreground.

  • You have the expertise in-house or already have an agency? Simply create your content yourself.

  • Or hire us to do it for you. We have 10 years of experience in what works best.

  • Consulting, testing or the full package. Tailored to your needs.



Flexible booking for the duration of your event.

We deliver a complete package in a flight case:

  • Everything necessary is integrated.
  • The system can be flexibly placed on site.
  • Only a power connection is required.
  • Simple and straightforward.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the size of the entire system?

The CrystalScreen contains a T-OLED display panel in size 55″ with an active display area of 684mm x 1218mm (WxH). The entire stele is 204cm high, 93cm wide and the base is 53cm deep.

How does the interaction with the CrystalScreen work?

The CrystalScreen’s display is equipped with an infrared touch frame that can detect 10 simultaneous touch points. Anyone who can operate a smartphone can use the intuitive control of the touch display. So very easy.

How high is the transparency of the CrystalScreen?

The transparency of the OLED panel is about 40% and therefore allows an object in the background to shine through for staging. This makes it possible to link the real world with the digital world.

How do I achieve transparency in content creation?

We’ll let you in on the secret: The transparency effect on the CrystalScreen display is achieved by displaying black backgrounds. This creates an impressive visual effect that makes the rest of the content shine.

We will be happy to answer further questions!

Non-binding consultation under +49 (0)40 571 996 47