We make products and three-dimensional data a new experience.

As a leading provider of glasses-free 3D systems, we create hardware and software solutions whose ecosystems we have developed to product maturity in the areas of content, applications, drivers, formats and transmission paths. Our customers include renowned companies in marketing, trade, medical technology, development and prototyping. Our many years of expertise and broad technological knowledge as well as strong partners enable us to exploit the added value of the third dimension in ever new applications!

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Brand Awareness durch gute Display Präsentation

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We are a small company with big ideas and high standards.
We are lateral thinkers who love the challenge and the extraordinary.
We are uncomplicated in handling and handle things companionatly when it gets complicated.
We are full service.
We are Hanseatic, i.e. reliable merchants.
We are creative, efficient and powerful.

Our customers, partners and resellers are located in Europe, North and South America, Korea and China.
We are global.

management team

Harald Roth - CEO vom Unternehmen United Screens GmbH

Harald Roth


Hannes Harder - CTO vom Unternehmen United Screens GmbH

Hannes Harder



no glasses 3d Display of Java Gold exhibition

Golden times in Mannheim, Germany

The important JAVA GOLD exhibition in the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums shows a world’s first with virtualized pieces of jewelry made of gold. The geometry of particularly explorable objects was captured using photogrammetry, completed by us in a special post-processing procedure to create the perfect virtual image, animated photorealistically and displayed in 3D without glasses. Visitors to the exhibition can thus experience the detailed splendour of the exhibits in “65” format within easy reach in front of the display. We are happy about enthusiastic visitors and our satisfied customers!

3D Display perfume bottle

Our 3D advertising network starts in Berlin

Launching the future of digital outdoor advertising. We now operate and broadcast 3D advertising and infotainment via our glasses-free 3D advertising network at Kaufpark Eiche in Berlin. Our systems are fully 2D compatible and offer a significant increase in attention through the optional 3D broadcast.

Business jet ineterior with 3D Display

We are Crystal Cabin Award finalist

We participated in the Crystal Cabin Award 2018 with our glasses-free 3D single viewer technology with eye-tracking and were nominated for the finals. Update April 11th: Unfortunately we did not reach the first place, but we are happy about the lively interest in our technology, which sparked our participation, as well as the consistently positive feedback on the glasses-free 3D display.