Transparent OLED Touch Display
as Plug & Play Media-Stele

Inspire your customers with a special appearance!

Trade fair, customer event, product presentation, opening ceremony, company event, mobile advertising network?
Transport your message in such a way that it not only reaches your target group, but also makes a lasting impression!

Modern, futuristic, innovative and technically competent, the Crystal Screen can be used to present sophisticated content and products. Whether videos, slideshows or augmented reality – blur the boundaries between reality and interactive content. This is particularly suitable for attention-grabbing exhibits at trade fairs, in museums or retail displays on sales floors. The self-illuminating OLED display does not require a backlight and enables a transparent display that is otherwise only known from science fiction films. The image reproduction quality, in particular the outstanding colour brilliance, are the strengths of this technology. CrystalScreen enables the impressive display of your content in transparent full HD. A real eye-catcher!

The system developed in our company comes as a complete Plug&Play solution and requires no integration effort into the existing environment. As a stand-alone device, the transparent OLED column has all the necessary means for interactive presentations or independent playback of content. The filigree design of the column integrates a fully-fledged and powerful Windows PC. The multitouch user interface animates the user to use and explore the content and thus ties the user to the screen. Adapting content for the Crystal Screen is easy. Videos, interactive applications, websites or slideshows get the attention you want at your trade fair, event or exhibition.

More attention

due to transparency and futuristic design.

CrystalScreen Features

Zeichen für ein transparentes Display
transparent display
Plug and Plays Display System
Plug&Play System
Crystal Screen mit Multi Touch Funktion
Interaction via Touch
TOLED ist HD funktionsfähig
Full HD
Betrachtungswinkel für ein transparentes OLED
wide viewing angle
Crystal Screen Systemes laufen mit Windows
Windows 10
Crystal Screen Displays sind WLAN fähig
WLAN, Bluetooth
Grafikkart im OLED Display System
Powerful graphics
Interaktives Transparentes OLED
interactive applications
Farben des Crystal Screens werden dargestellt
vibrant colours


User Manual

CAD Data

Content Creation


thanks to Multitouch

Our services at a glance:

Miete für das transparente OLED

System rent

attractive prices with graduated discount and free taxiing times

Transport Flight Case für Crystal Screen

Flight case

delivery in a practical flight case

Transport Icon für transparentes OLED


on request we organize the transport to your event



our systems are insured during transport and installation

Content Creation von Unites Screens für TOLED


we create content according to your wishes



if required, we install your application or content on the systems

System Tests vom Crystal Screen


we test your content for transparency and give you feedback

System Unterstützung


we provide support by phone or via remote access

Use the transparent OLED display: “CrystalScreen” as a plug & play system.

The CrystalScreen is offered by United Screens as a Plug & Play system, so there is no integration effort for you. Unpacking and starting are very easy and both can be done within 10 minutes. This saves time and considerable costs in stand design. The slim designed stand can be laminated in advance in the colour of your choice and can thus be optimally integrated into your CI/CD.

You can rent this complete system at low prices with discounts and free rolling times. Contact us to receive a non-binding and custom-fit offer.

On request and by arrangement, we can organise transport to your event location. We will find a cost-effective solution for you! The display system can be insured by us during transport and exhibition. The CrystalScreen is transported in a practical and robust flight case, so that the system can be used for your purposes at any time and any place. Setting up and starting the system is child’s play and can be done by just one strong person. You like it uncomplicated? Then we pre-install the content on the system and test your content for function, transparency and effect. All you have to do is set up the CrystalScreen, plug it in and off you go!

Rent now!

Leave your data in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively we are available during our office hours also gladly by telephone or at any time by email.


Use your existing content. Adjusting to make maximum use of the transparency effect on the Crystal Screen is a breeze: black image areas are displayed transparently – that’s the whole secret.

Do you need new content? An experienced 3D content creation team awaits you at United Screens. You give us an outline of your wishes and we surprise you with our creative ideas. Do you already have exact ideas? Our team will implement them for you in a structured process – whether video, animation or an interactive solution to excite your audience. Get an idea of the various possibilities – examples of content creation on various display systems.

The fields of application are almost unlimited, just contact us!



We create your high-quality content

Bring your topic into focus! Whether to explain your product or service or to create visibility for your brand. The visualization of products and processes of any kind in stereoscopic 3D creates the fastest understanding and guarantees the greatest attention.

Emotions are aroused and ideas are transported quickly and meaningfully. Using 3D animations, our experienced team focuses on the essentials, explains complex processes in a catchy way and uses the third dimension to make even complex situations understandable at first glance.

The following types of content can be distinguished:

Customized content solutions

We create your video, an interactive application for playful exploration of your subject area or the constantly growing library of digital twins for the products in your portfolio.
Even the direct display from various CAD programs is made possible by the bridge software ZLINK.
Everyday work and coordination processes can thus be directly supported with the advantages of barrier-free spatial perception of 3D models.

In the process of content creation we work closely together and develop the visual language for your project with you. You will receive refreshing inspiration during the initial consultation and during concept development. We guarantee professional design and implementation from the first click to completion. You have 3D artists and want to create your 3D content yourself: no problem, we offer the appropriate training and useful tools for the efficient design of videos and interactive apps!

Content Packages

3D Modell eines Motors in brillenlosem 3D auf ZBOX Display
dunkles ZVIEW Display mit herausragendem Motor
Produkt Engine Content Beispiel


VIDEO BASIC plus product/object animation or cut animation for the product/object interior view.
Data basis: 3D product/object data
Output Format: ZBOX/ZVIEW 3D Video | Non-Audio

Price: from 3.000 €


Rotating, floating but in itself static product or object against a textured background with 2D headings and explanatory texts.
Data basis: 3D product / object data
Output format: ZBOX/ZVIEW 3D Video | Non-Audio

Price: from 1.500€


Text Video Pro


VIDEO PRO plus custom 3D product/object creation and animation.
Data basis: NONE | Your idea | Reference photos | tec. Drawing | DICOM & MRT
Output Format: ZBOX/ZVIEW 3D Video | Non-Audio

Price: by arrangement


Floating but in itself static product or object against a textured background. Can be rotated and zoomed over all axes.
Data basis: 3D product/object data
Output Format: Unity 3D ZBOX/ZVIEW Windows Application | Non-Audio
Control: Mouse & Keyboard

Price: from 2.000 €


INTERACTIVE BASIC plus product/object animation or section animation or layer for selecting the visibility for the object interior view.
Data basis: 3D product/object data
Output Format: Unity 3D ZBOX/ZVIEW Windows Application | Non-Audio
Control: Mouse & Keyboard

Price: from 3.500 €



INTERACTIVE PRO plus plus customized 3D product/object creation and animation.
Data basis: NO | Your idea | Reference photos | tech. Drawing | DICOM & MRT
Output Format: Unity 3D ZBOX/ZVIEW Windows Application | Non-Audio
Control: individual e.g. gesture control

Price: by arrangement

Software for content creation

If you want to create your own interactive applications or view your CAD application live, you will find the necessary software


Glasses-free 3D displays for unlimited spatial depth

“A real quantum leap for the presentation of 3D data”

VRED Supercar in glasses-free 3D Display
Icon für brillenloses 3d Erfahrung

INTERESTED? Contact us here



  1. imersive, life-size 1:1 representation, ZVIEW as a window into “reality
  2. stereoscopic real-time display of 3D data (CAD, BIM, simulations, DICOM)
  3. natural control of the view with the bare head position
  4. more efficient exchange between experts, faster understanding of non-experts
  5. more realistic material surface reproduction for better design decisions
  6. understand complex shapes directly in spatial terms (e.g. molecules, point-clouds, 3D ultrasound, microscopic structures)
  7. increased attention
  8. barrier-free alternative to VR glasses (VR problems: convenience, hygiene, dizziness, interruption of conversation, space requirements)
Designer watches Supercar in glasses-free 3D Display

Auto-Stereoscopy meets Eye-Tracking

Next Generation AS3D Display Technology

The latest form of autostereoscopic imaging breaks all boundaries – literally. In contrast to ZBOX, ZVIEW has an unlimited 3D space and conjures up a fascinating smile on the face of anyone who uses it for the first time. State-of-the-art eye-tracking, stereo 3D format compatibility, accessibility and the complete elimination of setup times make the system a true game changer when it comes to displaying existing 3D data.

With ZVIEW, existing 3D models and projects are presented in the simplest way and experienced spatially without VR glasses. Geometrically complex situations are captured at first glance as if the model were physically present. During virtual inspections, a reliable assessment of the spatial depth of the planning model is possible through optically distortion-free reproduction.

With ZVIEW as a window into the virtual world, the user can perceive the actual size of models shown. Design and decision-making processes are simplified in early stages of development through more transparency, imersive representation and deeper understanding. The aesthetic effect of surfaces and shapes can also be conveyed realistically via the three-dimensional view, so that virtual prototypes almost completely resemble the later originals. This not only speeds up decisions and avoids costs, but will also make a lasting impression on your customers as a form of presentation – and all this without any barriers.




AS3D Eye-Tracking Display

2 views, 1 dynamic viewing zone. Multi-layer lenticular composite structure. Viewing distance 60-200cm


QFHD Resolution

We only use 4K panels with 3840×2160 pixels. The 3D resolution is HD per eye.


S3D Compatible

Our ZVIEW displays are stereo 3D compatible and support the most popular 3D video and image formats.


Plug ‘n Play

Every ZVIEW system can be delivered ready for connection, including WIN 10 Pro PC and 3D Player software.


AS3D Player

Plays AS3D videos and images in different formats and codecs. Autostart and playlist functionality.

Product variants


ZVIEW 65″ and ZVIEW 28″

SingleView 65″ or 28″ display with 3D camera module and eye-tracking software.
Incl. Windows Playback PC and our 3D Media Player software ioPlayer for displaying 3D videos and images.

Glasses-free 3d display system ZVIEW 65 inch and 28 inch

Custom Sizes

Customized glasses-free 3D display development based on existing LCD display panel sizes.
Your display, your design, your branding! Talk to us!

ZVIEW Custom Size

Custom Development

You want to integrate the SingleView Eye-Tracking technology into one of your products?
Whether driver information display or aircraft seat, contact us!

ZVIEW Development

Market segments

ZVIEW: SingleView AS3D Display

The magic of unlimited spatial depth

3D displays that do not require the use of glasses or other aids are referred to as Autostereoscopic 3D (AS3D) Displays. SingleView AS3D displays, like MultiView AS3D displays, have lenticular optics, but due to the integrated eye-tracking, which captures the eye position of the user, only 2 instead of 5-9 perspective views of a content are required. As a result, ZVIEW is compatible with existing stereo content and applications. This opens up a multitude of application areas in which everything already happens virtually and in 3D.
The left and right partial image are permanently and latency-free aligned on the display via the position detection of the viewer’s eyes in such a way that each eye only sees the specific partial image.
The result of this trend-setting procedure are extremely plastic 3D representations, which are spatially unlimited in their extension “in front” and “behind” the display, which can be perceived barrier-free and straight away.

Eye Tracking system
ZVIEW Eye-Tracking Technology

ZVIEW: Limitless 3D

Function and use

The cameras of the ZVIEW displays capture the area in front of the display in which the viewer can move freely. Further viewers, who are also in the detection area of the cameras, are not captured as long as the first viewer continuously looks at the display. The depth display within the screen is unlimited, in front of the screen the border lies on the tip of the user’s nose.

ZVIEW is a plug & play solution that can be connected to your workstation or PC with stereo content similar to a beamer. For presentations or CAD work, it is recommended to use ZVIEW as a second display; for video playback or CMS-controlled systems, ZVIEW can also be used as a single display.


ZVIEW Services



You have questions about ZVIEW? No problem. Give us a call. We will be happy to advise you.


Flight Case

The ZVIEW system comes in a practical flight case.



We organize the transport to you.



We create content according to your wishes. Watch our content references



We install ZVIEW displays at your site.

3D System Support


You need help with one of your systems? We provide support by telephone or remote access.

Contact us here.


Glasses-free 3D displays for multiple viewers

” Outstanding presentation. 3D objects so vivid, like you could touch them.”

ZBOX display with product showing
Icon für brillenloses 3d Erfahrung

Trade shows
Digital Signage

virtual prototyping
Product presentation

  1. increased attention during viewing, 44% longer contact times/viewing time*
  2. product is perceived as more attractive (proven by studies **)
  3. product presentation and variants without real stock of goods and safety risk (unique specimens, custom-made products, high-quality products, rare exhibits)
  4. realistic, multiple magnification of small products, product magnifier
  5. increased understanding of complex objects without many words
  6. advantages of stereoscopic imaging without barriers such as 3D glasses or VR glasses
  7. increased immersion through glasses-free 3D display
  8.  Eye-catcher: 3D advertising is seen, whereas 2D advertising is often overlooked

* Source: “3D displays increase attention”, study by University of Tilburg and Red Bull (2011)

** Source: “Advertising works better in 3D”, Skopos Institut für Markt- und Kommunikationsforschung GmbH & Co.KG (2010)

“Added value of an autostereoscopic multiview 3-D display for advertising in a public environment”, University of Twente, Philips Research Laboratories, Technical University of Delft (2009)

“Impact of 3-D Advertising on Product Knowledge Brand Attitude, and Purchase Intention: The Mediating Role of Presence”, Journal of Advertising, Volume XXXI, No. 3 (2002)

Frau betrachted 3D Display ZBOX


Naturally we see in three dimensions.

ZBOX displays and steles are perfectly suited to showcase products and objects. The contents seem to float in the display, vivid and within reach. Glasses-free 3D displays therefore look very impressive and realistic and will make you stand out from the competition.
Product presentation and 3D model viewing thus become a barrier-free experience and stay in your head. Whether in videos or interactive applications directly from your design program – enthusiasm and quick understanding are immediately reached by the group of viewers.



Auto-Stereoscopic Display

9 views, approx. 25 viewing zones. Multi-layer lenticular composite structure.


QFHD Resolution

We only use 4K panels with 3840×2160 pixels. The 3D resolution is HD per eye.


Landscape or Portrait

Our ZBOX systems are available in landscape as well as portrait format.


Plug ‘n Play

Each ZBOX system is delivered ready to connect, incl. WIN 10 PC and 3D Player software.


AS3D Playback PC

Plays AS3D videos and images in different formats and codecs. Autostart and playlist functionality.


3D Content Management System

Available with pre-installed 3D CMS client. ZBOX can be loaded and controlled via online access.

Product variants



Multiview display in portrait or landscape format in sizes 27″, 55″, 65″ and 85″. Incl. Windows Playback PC and our 3D Media Player software ioPlayer for displaying 3D videos and pictures.

3 schwarze Bildschirme hintereinander stehend


The ZBOX systems 65″ Portrait and 85″ Portrait are also available as media steles. Robust metal body and safety glass. Incl. all ZBOX CLASSIC features.

2 schwarze ZBOX Bildschirme

ZBOX CMS – Content Management

All ZBOX systems are available as CMS variants including 3G/4G router, IP socket and pre-installed and configured CMS client. Content upload, transfer & management as well as system monitoring are possible via online access to our CMS server.

ZBOX Komplett System

ZBOX RENT – Systems for rent

ZBOX systems up to 65″ are also available for rent. Individual stele design upon request!

weisser Transporter mit Sharks-Dispay in blau


All ZBOX systems are available as interactive versions with powerful graphics system and Unity3D plugin license.

ZBox Produkte

MultiView AS3D Display

3D what? Functionality explained easily…

3D displays that do not require the use of glasses or other aids are referred to as Autostereoscopic 3D (AS3D) Displays. The images used in this 3D technology contain several perspective views of the same scene (MultiView), which are seen through a lenticular lens applied to the display panel, so that the right and left eye are presented with different perspectives – just like in reality.
This creates spatiality and, as a result, the impression that objects protrude from the display or can be looked into it. As a result, several viewers can perceive three-dimensional content simultaneously and from different viewing angles.

ZBOX AS3D Display Funktionsweise
viewing situation of a ZBOX a glasses free 3d display with people

3D inside the ZBOX

Use and Best Practice

The ZBOX displays create a virtual box. In addition to the 2D dimensions of a display X and Y, the ZBOX adds the third dimension Z, without which spatial perception would not be possible. However, the spatial volume generated in this way not only extends into the display, but also 50% in front of it. The overall depth of the ZBOX corresponds approximately to the edge length of the short display side.

The best 3D effects are achieved by a floating placement of the virtual object in the middle of the ZBOX and a well structured background.

ZBOX Services



You have questions about the ZBOX? No problem. Give us a call. We will be happy to advise you.


Flight Case

All ZBOX systems come in a practical flight case (except stelae)



We organize the transport to you.



We create content according to your wishes. Watch our content references



We set up ZBOX steles or install ZBOX displays at your site.

3D System Support


You need help with one of your systems? We provide support by telephone or remote access.

ZBOX Content

Tailor-made content creation

The content for the ZBOX must be produced in the so-called 3D MultiView format, in most cases using 3D animation. For interactive applications we support the widely used Unity Realtime Engine. However, real images or more exotic 3D data such as DICOM or MRT images can also be displayed. The processing of existing CAD data sets is also possible.
Whichever of the possibilities you choose: Our experienced team of 3D artists, including autostereoscopy professionals from the beginning of this technology, as well as experienced, creative minds from 3D animation, is one of the best in this still young industry. Benefit from it and have a look at our content services in detail!


Coming soon.




Welcome to our support page. Here you will find manuals, data sheets and brochures to download as well as our FAQ and the creation of support tickets.

Manuals – Data sheets – Brochures

ZBOX - Full 3D Solution270 KBPDF
ZBOX 27" Landscape/Portrait data sheet785 KBPDF
ZBOX 55" Landscape data sheet658 KBPDF
ZBOX 55" Portrait data sheet606 KBPDF
ZBOX 65" Landscape data sheet671 KBPDF
ZBOX 65" Portrait data sheet619 KBPDF
ZBOX 85" Portrait data sheet615 KBPDF
ZBOX 65" Stele data sheet590 KBPDF
ZBOX 65" Rental-Stele data sheet748 KBPDF
ZBOX 85" Stele data sheet532 KBPDF
ZVIEW 65" Display data sheet570 KBPDF
ZVIEW 28" Display data sheet350 KBPDF
ZVIEW 3D Application Compatibility List103 KBPDF
CrystalScreen T-OLED - Brochure211 KBPDF
CrystalScreen T-OLED - Manual3.0 MBPDF
CrystalScreen T-OLED - Content Dev Guide1.0 MBPDF
CrystalScreen T-OLED - CAD Files41.4 MBZIP


An exhaustive list of directly compatible data would go beyond the scope at this point. Until now, there was no 3D data format that we could not read and use in one way or another ( see converter ). Just contact us and we will look together how we can visualize your data. Nevertheless, we would like to list a selection of common data formats that we can process directly:

Wavefront (*.obj)

3D Studio Mesh (*.3ds)

AUTODESK (*.fbx)
3dsMax (*.max)
StereoLitho (*.stl)
STEP (*.stp *.step)
Catia V5 (*.catpart, *.catproduct *.cgr)
AutoCAD (*.dwg)
Collada (*.dae)
VRML (*.wrl *.wrz)
CountryXML (*.dem *.ddf)
IGES (*.ige *.igs *.iges)
Inventor (*.ipt *.iam)
Revit (*.rvt)
SketchUp (*.skp)
SolidWorks (*.sldprt *.sldasm)
DICOM data records

Stereoscopic videos or images cannot be used with the ZBOX. If you have existing stereoscopic material, please use our ZVIEW system.

Use cases and products or objects that are unsuitable for the ZBOX can definitely be displayed on the ZVIEW system.

The viewing angle is approx. 120°, but can vary slightly depending on the display size.

ZBOX contents can also be played on the ZVIEW after a simple format conversion. ZVIEW content contains only 2 views (L/R) and therefore cannot be displayed on the ZBOX systems.
CrystalScreen content is monoscopic and cannot be displayed on our 3D systems.


Submit a support ticket if you need help with any of our systems.


Button ZBOX Display System
Buton für Single View Display-System

Glasses-free 3D: our field of competence!

To enable 3D experiences without glasses, we basically provide two display technologies with the associated ecosystem of hardware, software and content. ZBox multi view systems are suitable for the presentation of tangible content for multiple viewers at the same time and use a special format with 9 perspective views.
ZView single view systems are equipped with eye tracking for one person, excel through unrestricted depth in front of or behind the display and can be used for standard stereo formats without conversion. We will find the right solution for your application – whether from the shelf or custom-made, as video or interactive application, for purchase or rent, as an open system or kiosk with remote control.


As a full-solution provider, we offer our customers not only the right hardware and software, but also all the necessary services relating to glasses-free 3D. We provide consulting, produce content as a film or as an interactive application, deliver tools and expertise for client-side content production and make your data or software compatible with our systems. We provide content management and distribution as well as maintenance and support.

Our 3D displays put your product in the right light. We develop individual 3D complete solutions and make your presentation an extraordinary and lastingly impressive experience.

3D models and projects from various CAD programs can be displayed barrier-free and in real-time. Geometrically complex situations are vividly displayed and immediately captured. Thus, technical content can be communicated quickly and easily even to laymen.


Glasses-free 3D MultiView system for multiple viewers.
More attention. More understanding.
More success.


Glasses-free 3D SingleView system for one viewer.
Immersive. Barrier-free.


We produce your 3D content.
Professional. Expressive. Fair.

Make an appointment, we will inspire you!


Our extraordinary display technologies are difficult to display on the Internet. You have to experience them LIVE!
Leave us a message if you want to make an appointment with us or would like a demonstration. Please visit our showroom in Hamburg – on request we will also be happy to visit you!

  • Let us advise you personally.
  • Together we develop ideas for your application.
  • Experience up close and personal how our display systems work.
  • Think out loud, we will answer your questions!

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