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Glasses-free 3D: our field of competence!

To enable 3D experiences without glasses, we basically provide two display technologies with the associated ecosystem of hardware, software and content. ZBox multi view systems are suitable for the presentation of tangible content for multiple viewers at the same time and use a special format with 9 perspective views.
ZView single view systems are equipped with eye tracking for one person, excel through unrestricted depth in front of or behind the display and can be used for standard stereo formats without conversion. We will find the right solution for your application – whether from the shelf or custom-made, as video or interactive application, for purchase or rent, as an open system or kiosk with remote control.


As a full-solution provider, we offer our customers not only the right hardware and software, but also all the necessary services relating to glasses-free 3D. We provide consulting, produce content as a film or as an interactive application, deliver tools and expertise for client-side content production and make your data or software compatible with our systems. We provide content management and distribution as well as maintenance and support.

Our 3D displays put your product in the right light. We develop individual 3D complete solutions and make your presentation an extraordinary and lastingly impressive experience.

3D models and projects from various CAD programs can be displayed barrier-free and in real-time. Geometrically complex situations are vividly displayed and immediately captured. Thus, technical content can be communicated quickly and easily even to laymen.


Glasses-free 3D MultiView system for multiple viewers.
More attention. More understanding.
More success.


Glasses-free 3D SingleView system for one viewer.
Immersive. Barrier-free.


We produce your 3D content.
Professional. Expressive. Fair.