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We drive the Display Revolution ahead, already today.

United Screens believes that in a time of visual diversity the extraordinary is important. We provide our customers with advanced plug and play display solutions that optimize the perception of their brands and products. We develop and install individual complete solutions for your target group and make brand identity tangible. 


Technology consulting, Concept & Design

We advise you from A to Z, create complete concepts and make design proposals including visualization. 

Exceptional Display Systems

from the fields of 3D without glasses, transparent OLED & LCD displays, transparent projection as well as
indoor and outdoor LED (standard and transparent).
Customized adaptations and developments.
incl. customized playback hardware

Interaction Possibilities & Sound

Via direct touch, gesture control (infrared
or camera systems) or touch terminals.
Directional audio, sound showers
and surface acoustic transducers.

Installation & Maintenance

Our team of experienced technicians takes over
the installation and system networking.


Content Management (CMS)
and Content Hosting through VPN

We offer content management and hosting from a single source, tailored to your needs and 3D capable.

Content Consulting
Conceptual design & Production

Our experienced team with leading specialists in glasses-free 3D production will be happy to advise you and to meet every challenge.

Media planning and Design 

You would like to market the digital advertising spaces acquired through us in the best possible way? Contact us. We can help you find the right agency.

Training for glasses-free 3D Software
and content management.

For our in-house, proprietary glasses-free 3D plugins and formats, as well as for best
practice & workflows in 3D content creation.
And of course for our CMS.

Individual Solutions, tailored to your markets and industries.


Retail - POS - Networks
Malls - Airports - Train Stations


Trade Shows & Exhibitions
Meetings & Conferences
Festivals and GALAs


Hotels & Resorts - Bars & Nightclubs
Restaurants - Theme Parks
Cruise Lines - Casinos


Medicine - Sciences
Products - Architecture
Information - Learning - Education

Studies show that 3D content is increasing attention, customer satisfaction and sales:

Sources: Skopos, Study University of Tilburg and Red Bull
ESPN Study during WC 2010.

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What Customers say:

„The produced 3D-videos fascinated many visitors at the exhibition and created a lasting impression. Our current spots have been turned into glasses-free 3D haptic experiences with a great eye-catcher effect.“

Caroline Pabst Siemens AG


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